Which is better Aluminium or copper coil in AC?

- May 16, 2019-

From the fin efficiency, the heat transfer coefficient of a single heat exchange unit and the heat exchange capacity of the whole heat exchanger, the finned tube heat exchangers with different fin structures, different tube structures and different working conditions are made of aluminum fins. The heat transfer characteristics and cost before and after switching to copper fins were analyzed and compared. The fins efficiency before and after copper exchange and the total heat transfer on the heat exchange area per unit refrigerant side were given in detail for each structure and working condition parameters. The influence of the coefficient and the heat transfer amount of the heat exchanger. The analysis results show that the thinner and higher the fin, the smaller the outer diameter of the tube, and the greater the wind speed, the greater the heat transfer capacity of the finned tube after copper exchange. The smaller the cost increase is. Within the selected structure and working conditions, the fin efficiency of the copper tube heat exchanger is about 0.938%~29.86% and the total heat transfer coefficient is increased by 9.88. %~23.276%, the total heat exchange capacity is increased by about 0.112%~22.3%;