Why a air cooler failure and how to solve it?

- Jun 29, 2018-

Common failure modes and solutions for air coolers

In the use of air coolers, failure is the most common problem encountered by users' friends. Based on the communication and interaction between the customer and the customer in the aftermarket, Yuanwang has collated common failure modes and solutions, and shared them as a reference for maintenance.

1 Blade damage: The main reason is improper blade installation and blade material defects

The blade is a key part of air cooling, and its operating state is related to the effect of air cooling. One unit installed an air cooler with blade breakage. At that time, DCS showed that the fan exceeded the current limit. After the equipment and inspection arrived at the site, it was found that the fan blade was seriously damaged. The inlet filter of the fan was cut open by about 1 meter. Fortunately, no human casualties occurred in time. Affect device production.

The main reason for the failure of the fan is: a crack occurs at the blade clamp and the connecting bolt at the crosshead, causing the fan blade to fall off and hit the other blades and the filter. The fault belongs to the material issue. In the application of air coolers, many companies pay less attention to the selection of their component materials in order to save costs, ignoring the damage caused by fan friction and other factors under high-speed rotation. The quality of the shaft is not closed, it is very easy to cause fracture, and it is very difficult to maintain, which has a great impact on production and operation.

Treatment measures: Upgraded blade material, improved bearing housing, reduced vibration of the fan, and scientific installation.

2 Heat exchange tube and tube bundle leakage

The main reasons are corrosion, material defects, and long life cycles.

Treatment measures: Chemically sticking or punching for ordinary leakage points; serious need to replace tube bundles and heat exchange tubes

3 Poor air cooler

The main reason is the scaling of the inner wall of the fin tube, the bending of the blockage, and the deformation of the fins.

Actions: Purge or clean the air cooler and check for damaged fins

4 Fan system failure

Common fan system failures include: abnormal meter indication, low air flow, abnormal vibration of the drive components, abnormal noise, and high temperature of the rotating parts

Remedy: Recalibrate the balance installation, check the elasticity of the belt, tighten the bolts, replace the bearings, and add or replace the grease regularly. The start-stop switchover must strictly comply with the regulations of the moving equipment.