Why does an AC coil freeze up?

- May 10, 2018-

Why does an AC coil freeze up?

1, The indoor unit is too dirty, there will be frosting.

2, The speed may be slower inside the fan, there will be frost.

3, Air conditioning and refrigeration systems have leakage points, so that freon in the air conditioning and refrigeration system will be less frost.

4, Sometimes the indoor unit evaporator temperature is too low and will form a drop or cause frost, which affect the cooling effect. So air conditioning has a low temperature detection function. When the machine is running the cooling function, when the temperature sensor detects that the evaporator temperature is lower than 2.5 degrees, it will automatically stop the compressor operation, prevent the temperature from continuing to fall, and prevent the evaporator of the indoor unit from frosting. Can effectively protect the air conditioner and maintain good cooling effect.