Why does the workshop need a air cooler?

- Aug 02, 2018-

1. The workshop area of air cooler is too large;


 2. Because the production process will generate waste gas, need to be discharged, etc., the workshop can not be sealed or even need to ventilate continuously


3. Due to the constant operation of the machine in the workshop to release heat, the indoor temperature will continue to increase, and workers will work very efficiently in such an environment, and even heat stroke may occur.


This has caused great trouble for business leaders. On the one hand, they cannot stop working because of the hot weather, on the other hand, workers are in such a ring.

The efficiency of working under the border will definitely not keep up.


If the enterprise chooses the traditional central air conditioner, the number of air conditioner units to be installed and the energy consumption generated during the use of the workshop to achieve the cooling effect are very large, which is unacceptable to many business owners. It is still impossible to ventilate the workshop, and the space occupied by the workers is actually very small. Most of the energy of the traditional air-conditioning mode of full-space refrigeration is wasted. It is not worth it and it is not very cost-effective. Therefore, the chiller is the choice, which can help the enterprise solve the problem of high temperature in the workshop.