Why is my A coil leaking water?

- Mar 13, 2019-

Why is my A coil leaking water?

Air leakage in the air conditioner is mainly caused by improper installation of the air conditioner. In addition, the drain pipe blockage and seal damage can also cause water leakage. 

The specific reasons for the water leakage are as follows: indoor leakage: the reason for water leakage is that the air conditioner is cooling When the condensed water drops from the deformation of the evaporator sink or the two-fold joint of the evaporator to the cross-flow fan, it blows out from the outdoor air outlet, or the gap of the outdoor partition leaks. The former is due to the air conditioning assembly not in place. 

Or improper installation, drainage and blockage of the drain pipe, the latter is caused by damage to the sealing material after long-term use. In addition, if the air outlet temperature of the air conditioner is adjusted too low, when it is lower than the dew point temperature, Condensed water is formed around the air outlet, and water is dripped into the room. The outdoor part leaks: the condensed water generated by the defrost, part of which is affected by the axial fan, evaporates at the condenser, and the rest is sprayed by the axial fan. It accumulates on the inner wall of the outdoor unit, and the water leaks out of the chassis and forms a leak.