Why refrigeration system is blocked?

- Apr 02, 2018-

How to identify the reason why the compressor in the fluorine refrigeration system is blocked.

1. Check the running current of the compressor. If the operating current of the compressor is much lower than the normal value, it indicates that the capillary and evaporator parts are blocked.

In this case, the compressor's noise and vibration are relatively low, and the compressor's exhaust pipe is not hot during the operation of the compressor.

2. If the running current of the compressor increases gradually, the compressor will be shut down for a while, and the compressor will vibrate violently when the machine stops, indicating that there is a blockage in the condenser.

In this case, the compressor is energized again, and the compressor has an abnormal sound.

3. If the compressor has a large current, the current is large, it indicates that the compressor may be broke down or the compressor's exhaust part is blocked.