Why the air compressor cooler will block when it runs?

- Jul 04, 2018-

In the air compressor equipment, the cooler is an important core component, the main function is to cool the air compressor lubricating oil and compressed air.

Air compressor cooler blockage problem should be brought to the attention of everyone, such as neglecting the situation of the cooler, then the air compressor is likely to have high temperature jump

Below, let's take a look at the reasons for the blockage of the air compressor cooler.

Dust is the most common cause of air compressor cooler blockage

Usually it is used for a long time, and the air compressor cooler is not dusted and cleaned daily. On the other hand, the dust around the operating environment of the air compressor is too much.

The air compressor station is in a harsh environment and is not protected. Such as broken thread shavings in the textile industry, wood chips in furniture factories, iron filings in steel mills, etc., which float in the air of the environment and stick to the cooler, causing blockages.

Some customers bought inferior compressor lubricants because of small and cheap; Or the air compressor is running at a high temperature for a long time,carbon deposits inside the cooler, causing blockage

The amount of lubricating oil flowing through the radiator decreases, leading to poor heat dissipation effect

The above reasons are mainly caused by the clogging of air compressor cooler.Remind everyone: preventing the clogging of air compressor cooler is the precondition to ensure the normal operation of air compressor and improve the production efficiency

The air compressor station should be built as far as possible away from pollution sources, and do a good job of protection treatment

At the same time, it also requires users to clean and take care of the air compressor on a daily basis, make timely maintenance work, find professional after-sales staff to deal with the problems, and don't blindly disassemble.