Why the condensing pressure increase?

- Jun 15, 2018-

With the general increase in temperature, the use of cold storage has become increasingly widespread. Some seasonal vegetables, fruits, and meat also need cold storage. The countries that use cold storage are also quite supportive of policies.However, as the energy consumption pressure of the cold storage is increasing, it is estimated that the condensing temperature corresponding to the condensing temperature will increase by approximately 3% for every 1 degree Celsius increase in the condensing temperature. What are the reasons for the increase in condensing pressure?

1, the cooling water temperature is too high. Condensersinevitably use cooling water at work, and too high a cooling water temperature can also affect the working pressure of the condenser. In addition, cooling towers are generally installed outdoors. Because the rotation of the fan will bring a lot of dust, leaves, insects and other debris into the tower, a long time will cause plugging, so that the working pressure of the condenser increases.

2, the condenser heat exchange area is small. The condenser is achieved through continuous heat exchange and transfer, and sufficient heat exchange area is the guarantee of the heat exchange effect of the condenser. The reduction of the heat exchange area will directly lead to the failure of the condenser to exchange heat in time and increase the pressure.

3. The water distribution in the condenser is uneven. When the condenser tube is not evenly distributed, the water flow rate in some areas of the pipe may be too large and some of the water flow rate may be small. This will reduce the heat transfer efficiency, increase the temperature of condensation, and consume more energy. Electric energy.

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