2018 Saudi International Air Conditioning, HVAC And Refrigeration Expo

- Jan 19, 2018-

Exhibition time: 2018 May 7 to 9

Venue: Saudi Riyadh International Exhibition Center

Exhibition introduction

Saudi Arabia International Air Conditioning, HVAC & Refrigeration Expo brought together from Saudi Arabia and the world's leading hot air conditioner dealers, suppliers, manufacturers, industry professionals, agents and engineers, constitute the largest and most promising professional in the Middle East exhibition. All decision-makers in the industry will be present. In Riyadh, air-conditioned temperature control equipment is the most important market system in Saudi Arabia and is especially valued by government departments. In order to better develop this market, the government has simplified its product-related policies and invested heavily in foreign investment.

Saudi Arabia International Air Conditioning, HVAC & Refrigeration Expo has become the field of refrigeration and HVAC enterprises not to be missed industry event! There is no other place to showcase your products better than it is. Riyadh, the capital of the Saudi Arabia, is the most active international market for air conditioners in the region. It is full of business investment opportunities and an ideal platform for displaying product technology, building a corporate image and enhancing brand awareness !

Saudi market introduction

● Saudi Arabia's air-conditioner market is one of the largest in the world with unique investment opportunities for foreign investors:

Saudi Arabia is regarded as the world's third largest market for HVAC equipment systems after the United States and India! At the same time, its own traditional market continued to grow steadily in the Gulf due to the climatic conditions and the readily available new technologies flowing in Saudi and UAE markets and driving growth. Although some Saudi domestic manufacturers produce air-conditioning and HVAC equipment, they still need to import to meet their own needs for air-conditioning and HVAC equipment. As a result, the unique investment gateway has opened for air-conditioning manufacturers around the world when demand in Saudi Arabia soared. In the Middle East there is no market for refrigeration and HVAC products in any country that needs so much. In fact, Saudi Arabia is one of the largest countries in the world to use air-conditioning equipment. Demand for air-conditioning equipment in Saudi Arabia is expected to increase by 6% annually each year, and the current air-conditioner market is valued at 500 million U.S. dollars.

● The construction of restaurants and shopping centers has driven the demand for refrigeration equipment:

In addition to the dramatic increase in demand as mentioned above and the rapid development of Saudi Arabia, hundreds of thousands of apartments, houses and villas will be built in the coming years, which will make HVAC and refrigeration equipment more scarce than ever; restaurants, The demand for refrigeration products and equipment in shopping malls, supermarket refrigeration centers and hotels has risen sharply at the same time. Every year Saudi Arabia currently imports more than 13,000-24,000 units of air-conditioning equipment, with a total value of more than one million U.S. dollars. Although Saudi Arabia is hot all the year round, its night will be very cold, so the demand for HVAC equipment is also considerable. Demand for refrigeration and HVAC products in Saudi Arabia has grown to create a huge buyer's market for accessory parts and components. Over the years, Saudi Arabia has installed more refrigeration equipment than any other country and over time these products naturally require care and maintenance while increasing the need for spare parts.

● Energy-saving air conditioners will become the mainstream trend

Saudi Arabia is a tropical desert climate, perennial high temperature, especially in the highest temperature of 50 degrees Celsius in summer, air conditioning is generally used frequently. According to Saudi media reports, starting from September 7, 2013 onwards, Saudi Arabia will ban the import of high-energy air-conditioning. The ban recently promulgated by the Saudi Ministry of Commerce aimed at alleviating the power shortage caused by the year-on-year increase in electricity consumption of air conditioners.

A survey shows that Saudi air-conditioning electricity consumption accounts for 65% of household appliances and office electricity. If the use of energy-saving air conditioners, at least 25% can save electricity. China's Gree, Midea, Haier and Hisense brands such as air-conditioning sales in Saudi Arabia, but also occupy a certain percentage of market share.

Range of exhibition

Air-conditioning equipment: central air conditioning, commercial air conditioners, household air conditioners, air conditioners, modular air-conditioning units; air conditioners, air curtain machine, industrial air conditioning, constant temperature and humidity unit, environmental protection and energy saving air conditioners, ;

Cooling Series Host: Condensing unit, chiller, ice storage unit, heat pump, compression condensing unit, compressor, fiberglass, cooling tower, condenser, refrigeration compressor, air compressor, refrigeration equipment, , Water chiller, air chiller, absorption machine, ice storage unit;

Ground source heat pump units: water source heat pump, water ring heat pump, ground source heat pump;

Auxiliary equipment and accessories: evaporators, heat exchangers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, refrigerant distributors, thermostats, expansion valves, control elements, liquid separators, pressure switches, valves, solenoid valves, globe valves, , Refrigerants, refrigerant filter driers, oil separators, defrosting devices, motors, pumps, timers, timing relays, safety and surveillance equipment, refrigeration gases, refrigeration equipment lubricants, heat transfer media and other accessories;

Cooling units and freezers: food freezers, refrigerated display cabinets, beverage vending machines, ice makers, reefer containers, assembly freezers, freezers and freezers, transport chillers, freezers and freezers , All kinds of refrigeration equipment accessories;

Ventilation: Ventilation: centralized air supply and exhaust equipment;

Equipment and accessories: fans, fan coils, axial flow, centrifuges, fan blades and fittings, wall fans, ceiling fans, fire vents (air flaps) Equipment, VAV equipment, noise insulation equipment, air supply, exhaust ventilation, ventilation and ventilation system equipment; air duct processing equipment;

Air Handling and Distribution: Chillers and Blowers, Fan Inverters, Air Ducts and Fasteners and Sealing Materials, Mixing Boxes and Expansion Boxes, Duct and Ventilation Grates and Inlet / Outlets, Air Filters and Various adsorption technologies, air humidification (dehumidification) technology, air drying and disinfection technology, thermal cycling and regeneration systems;

Installation of accessories: all kinds of special pipes and accessories, all kinds of special welding materials and accessories, all kinds of special seals, fasteners, hardware, insulation / insulation / sound insulation materials, various thermal conductors (materials)

Tools and equipment: Specialized tools, special welding and welding equipment, control and dosing equipment, leak detectors, cleaning materials and equipment, dewatering and water treatment equipment and installations, waste treatment and recovery equipment, cargo and personnel lifts, transport Equipment etc

Refrigeration and air conditioning measuring instruments: thermometers, pressure gauges, hygrometers, VOC measuring instruments, other measuring equipment.