2018 Pakistan International Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Air Purification Exhibition HVACR Expo

- Jan 18, 2018-

【Exhibition time】 2018-3-16 to 2018-3-18 

【Exhibition Location】 Pakistan - Islamabad

【Range of exhibition】

1) Air conditioning and related accessories; 

2) Compressor; 

3) Ventilation equipment; 

4) Central air conditioning, ventilation, heating system; 

5) Refrigeration equipment; 

6) Control devices and systems, energy saver; Etc .; 

7) Pipe pump valve; 

8) Industrial ventilation and air conditioning system; 

9) All kinds of related consumables, tools (cables, seals, insulation materials, etc.); 

10) Refrigerant; ; 

11) cleaning appliances and materials; 

12) warehouse refrigeration, supermarket refrigeration, refrigeration transport equipment, hotel and hotel refrigeration; 

13) refrigeration engineering, refrigeration system and so on.


Pakistan Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Exhibition is the only professional air conditioning and ventilation industry exhibition in Pakistan, sponsored by the Pakistan Institute of Refrigeration, once a year in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore three cities take turns, has so far successfully held 22 sessions, 2016 The year will be the 23rd session of the show. As an important trade partner of Pakistan, China is also a big importer. Split-type air conditioners in China currently hold about 71% market share in Pakistan. Due to higher prices, Pakistani consumers were unable to buy imported or assembled air-conditioners from South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia, so that local producers and importers began importing large quantities of split air conditioners from China by commissioning Chinese enterprises to OEM their products.

According to statistics, China split air conditioner once owned 90% of Pakistan's market share. Demand for air conditioning in the Pakistani market is beginning to climb as the temperature has risen since May. The air conditioning assembly plant in the country has raised the price of each split air conditioner by 1,000 rupees (about 1 U.S. dollar to Rs 60). Due to the record high temperatures and large population, the air-conditioning sales in Punjab are estimated to account for 65% -70% of all Pakistani sales. We sincerely invite you to participate in the Pakistan International Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Show, in the initial phase of the gradual growth of emerging markets, accelerate market strategy, seize market opportunities, successfully stationed in the vast potential of South Asia market.