2018 Romania International Exhibition Of Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning And Insulation Equipment

- Jan 29, 2018-

【Exhibition time】 2018-03-23 to 2018-03-26

【Exhibition Venue】 Bucharest Convention Center

Since its inception in 1995, the show has grown in size and influence, deepening business relationships with companies already in the country and providing,and timely access to businesses in the country! Exhibition has always been in line with the principle of service to others, the well-known enterprises and professionals to come together to explore new business prospects and increase market share, and truly into the local vigorous market.

Romania (Romanian: România) is located in southeastern Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe. North and northeast respectively, Ukraine and Moldova adjacent, south of Bulgaria, southwest and northwest, respectively, with Serbia and Hungary, bordering the southeast to the Black Sea. An area of 238391 square kilometers, a population of 1994000 (December 2014). Bucharest capital.

The capital, Bucharest, is the country's economic, cultural and transport hub, located in the middle of the Wallachian plain in southeastern Romania, where the tributary of the Danube flows through the city. Area of 605 square kilometers, population 1.68 million. Bucharest is the country's largest industrial center. Industries are dominated by machinery manufacturing, chemical, electronics and textile industries. There is a wide variety of food industries, and industries such as power, metallurgy, clothing, footwear, glass, paper making and printing have a greater development.