2018 Russia International HVAC Air Purification Exhibition MS CHERRY

- Jan 29, 2018-

【Exhibition time】 2018-02-27 to 2018-03-02

【Exhibition Venue】 Expocentre, Moscow

【Range of exhibition】

 air conditioning equipment and accessories: central air conditioning; commercial air conditioning; home air conditioners; compressors; air curtain machine; rooftop air conditioning units; special purpose air conditioning equipment; air handling; air filtration; intelligent building control equipment

 ventilation system and equipment: fan and axial flow, centrifugal; fan rotor, blade; fan inverter; tuyere, duct, fan, etc.

  refrigeration system or unit: industrial refrigeration; refrigeration equipment and accessories; refrigerants; frozen refrigeration equipment, food refrigeration equipment, assembled cold storage and accessories

 various types of heating heating equipment: all kinds of radiators, wall-hung boilers, floor heating equipment, solar heating systems, central heating boilers and accessories

 air purification equipment: humidification equipment; dehumidification equipment; air purifiers and so on

  refrigeration and air conditioning equipment installation equipment: pipe welding materials, sealing materials, fasteners, hardware, insulation materials, thermal conductors

  tools and equipment for refrigeration and air conditioning: welding and welding equipment; pumping and dosing equipment; testing equipment; cleaning equipment and materials