2018 Tokyo, Japan International HVAC, Air Conditioning, Air Purification And Refrigeration Exhibition

- Jan 18, 2018-

【Exhibition time】 2018-02-27 to 2018-03-02

【Exhibition Venue】 Tokyo Makuhari Messe Exhibition Center

Exhibition Introduction

HVAC & R JAPAN began in 1956, held every two years. This is Japan's only freezer • air conditioner • greenhouse technology professional exhibition. The exhibition will showcase the new and advanced refrigeration and air-conditioning technologies of Japan's refrigeration and air-conditioning industry in the past two years, bring together new and advanced products, and hold seminars on global trends in refrigeration and air-conditioning technologies as well as energy conservation and environmental protection. To explore the future freezing, air-conditioning industry's development.

Through exhibitions of related technologies and products, exchange of new information in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, and beneficial interaction among technical staff, the exhibition actively explored the thinking of technology developers and created more business opportunities to promote the development of the refrigeration 

and air-conditioning industry. Although the bilateral trade volume between China and Japan dropped by 1% year on year in 2014, it still reached 1.92 trillion yuan. In the first six years of 2014, Japan's import of electromechanical products from China still achieved a growth rate of 10.1%. New information in the air conditioning industry, 

beneficial interactions among technicians, active thinking of technology developers, more business opportunities and the promotion of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

【Range of exhibition】

Air conditioning equipment, heat pump equipment; industrial cooling equipment; refrigeration equipment; refrigeration, refrigeration, ice-freezing equipment; compressors; various automatic control, valves, measuring instruments, related accessories, materials; Workshop, ice making accessories, industrial day pump accessories temperature control and so on. Heating equipment, Heating equipment, Solar energy technology, Fuel oil installations, Gas installations, Thermal recycling and utilization, Air heaters, Air purifiers, Pumps and more.