2018 Turkey HVAC, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Ventilation, Air Purification And Sanitary Valve Exhibition ISK

- Jan 12, 2018-

The various industries in Turkey are now at a stage of rapid development. In recent years, due to the development of sightseeing and the improvement of industrial equipment, the import value of refrigeration and air conditioning products has been continuously growing. Since the mid-1950s, Turkey's air-conditioner and heater industry has experienced rapid growth both in production and in the market. At present, Turkey is the fifth largest market in Europe.

【Range of exhibition】

Heating Systems and Equipment: Burners, Boilers, Indoor Heaters, Wall Boilers, Solar Energy Equipment, Water Heaters, Various Heating Furnaces, Floor Heating Systems, Radiant Heating Systems, Solid Wall Heating Systems, Hot Air Devices, Electronic Heaters, etc.

Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment: Ceramic Bathtub, Sauna, SPA, Hair Dryer, Bathroom Accessories Freezer Systems and Accessories: Cooler, Cooling Tower, Fully Enclosed Internal Circulation Cooling System, Refrigerator, Freezer Display, Icemaker, Condenser, Ice Cream Maker, Refrigerants, refrigeration systems heat exchangers, evaporators, condensers, refrigeration compressors, evaporative coolers, mobile refrigeration systems, etc.

Ventilation, air conditioning systems and equipment: all kinds of air conditioning units, fans, fan coil, heat exchanger, air curtain machine, air filter, humidifier, dryer, ventilation ducts, diffusers, Air handling units, heat pumps, ventilators, aspirators, exhaust fans, air-conditioning valves

Piping systems and accessories: all kinds of radiators, pipes, valves, pumps, meters; regulators, thermostats; flue systems; insulation materials

Central air-conditioning cleaning technology and pipeline cleaning equipment; water purification systems and equipment, sewage treatment; fire fighting equipment