2018 Vietnam International HVAC, Air Conditioning, Air Purification And Ventilation Equipment Exhibition

- Feb 05, 2018-

Exhibition time】 2018-04-25 to 2018-04-27

【Exhibition Venue】 Hanoi Exhibition Center

【Range of exhibition】

Refrigeration equipment: refrigeration systems or units, refrigeration system equipment and accessories, refrigeration equipment, food freezing equipment, assembled cold storage, refrigerators and freezers, transport refrigeration units, refrigerated containers, frozen boxes, assembled cold storage accessories

Air conditioning equipment: central air conditioning units, air conditioners, rooftop air conditioning units, VRF multi-line, residential central air conditioning, special purpose air-conditioning equipment, air handling, building intelligent control equipment.

Ventilation equipment: fan (axial flow, centrifugal), fan rotor, fan blades and accessories, fan inverter, wall fan, roof fan, ceiling fan, duct, tuyere and accessories, fire damper, damper and accessories, coil Equipment, Sound insulation materials, Mufflers, Other air conditioners, Air coolers, Air diffusers, Air distributors, Central air conditioners, Air purifiers, Air purifiers, Air detection.

Heating equipment: Burners and accessories, infrared, heating cables, electric heating membrane equipment, auxiliary equipment and auxiliary equipment

Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment installation materials and equipment: pipe, welding materials, sealing raw materials, fasteners, hardware, insulation materials, thermal conductors, valves.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Tools and Equipment: Professional Tools, Welding and Splicing Equipment, Evacuation and Dosing Equipment, Testing Equipment, Side Leak Detectors, Thermometers, Cleaning Equipment and Materials, Dewatering and Water Treatment Equipment, Processing Equipment.


The 13th Vietnam International HVACR Vietnam (HVACR Vietnam) is jointly organized by Vietnam Government Trade Department, Vietnam Department, Vietnam Planning and Investment Department, Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology, Netherlands Pump Group. HVACR Vietnam is a large, comprehensive international air-conditioning refrigeration exhibition in Southeast Asia and the only professional refrigeration exhibition in Vietnam. The exhibition tour respectively in Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, three tour, then, the show will gather new technologies and products for the factory to provide a broad business platform. The last show attracted more than 200 exhibitors from 16 countries and regions including China, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, the United States and Vietnam as well as HVAC Industry professionals and conference delegates gathered together, the exhibition area of 5,000 square meters.

Vietnam's political status and economic strength are steadily growing. The state has invested heavily in the construction industry to strengthen infrastructure, urban planning, urban beautification, alteration and construction of more large-scale commercial, industrial and residential projects. In addition, Vietnam's fisheries and food The continuous development of agricultural products urgently needs various types of refrigeration equipment, ventilation systems and air-conditioning equipment.

With the rapid development of Vietnam's industry, machinery manufacturing and real estate, the market demand for HVAC in Vietnam has soared. In 2011 the market size is about 600,000 units (sets). Among them, about 58 million units of household air conditioners (sets), unitary air conditioners of about 20,000 units (sets), many areas of air-conditioning sales are showing a supply shortage situation. Demand for home air conditioners in Vietnam in 2012 was 754,000 units, an increase of 14.2% over the same period of last year. Vietnam air conditioning market has great potential, is expected to have rapid growth in the next few years. According to data from the General Administration of Customs, Vietnam imported 180,000 air conditioners from China in 2012, an increase of 20% over the same period of last year.