5mm Copper Tube Heat Exchanger For Air Conditioning And Refrigeration

- Jan 12, 2018-

5mm copper tube heat exchanger technology Air conditioning refers to the use of small diameter copper tube technology air conditioning. Small diameter copper tube technology is based on the use of small diameter(Diameter ≤ 5mm) inner grooved copper tubea energy-saving and efficient heat exchanger technology., the core is to use copper tube of high-efficiency small-diameter to replace the original larger diameter copper tube in traditional copper tube aluminum fin heat exchanger, and the fining and flow path are optimized to improve the efficiency of heat exchanger.

Advantage 5mm copper tube heat exchanger 

The biggest advantage of using air-conditioning with small-diameter copper tube technology is that it can reduce the cost of the heat exchanger. From the available information, in the case of achieving the same performance, the small diameter copper tube heat exchanger relative to the existing common heat exchanger diameter of 7mm, can reduce about 20% of cost.

In addition, in the same system, adopt to small diameter copper tube heat exchanger to replace the larger diameter of the heat exchanger, can reduce the refrigerant filling volume. Because compared to the original larger diameter of the heat exchanger, small diameter copper tube heat exchanger has a much smaller inside tube size, and with enhanced small-diameter copper tube system with internal threads is also more efficient, thus reducing the charge of the refrigerant. According to the data, after adopting the small pipe diameter copper pipe system, the filling amount of refrigerant is obviously reduced, and the reduction amount is as high as 30%, which is beneficial to environmental protection.