AC Condenser And Evaporator Problems And Maintenance

- Feb 05, 2018-

AC condenser and evaporator problems and maintenance

(1) Car ac Condenser leakage can generally be seen from the appearance, such as scratches bump leaks oozing ooze and so on. Evaporator leakage because of low pressure, the outer surface of condensation, hidden in the evaporation box, the general is not easy to be found.

Condenser and evaporator leak detection by gas tightness test (pressure test) obtained, the test pressure: condenser 2.0-2.4MPa; evaporator 1.2MPa.

(2) The most common problem of condensers and evaporators are dirt clogging and leakage. Dirt clogged with nitrogen or dried compressed air repeatedly blow until it is clean and unobstructed.

Condenser and evaporator must always clean the exterior dirt, pay attention to the heat transfer fins do not get down or damaged, to ensure their heat transfer performance.

Under normal circumstances, the evaporator surface temperature is very low, but only a large number of condensation can not frost or icing.

The quality of the air-conditioning cooling is related to the cleaning of the condenser's heat sink, and the surface of the condenser can reduce the heat dissipation efficiency due to the coverage of dust and debris. Once restarted, the air conditioning system increases the pressure, overheating, on the compressor and related components have a serious impact. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the air conditioning system, it is essential to keep the condenser surface clean.