Advantages Of Air Coolers

- Oct 17, 2017-

First, improve the service life of the Tube (high-frequency equipment). Ordinary water easy scaling, the need for regular cleaning, once the scaling has affected the transmission of the Tube and the life of the tubes, when the tube anode is easy to burn.

Second, save electricity. (Take 100KW high frequency tube equipment as an example) under the action of DC high voltage, the anode waterway power consumption is: The general water is about 8KW, and distilled waters are about 70W.

Third, reduce electrolytic corrosion. The anode high pressure forms the DC current through the water resistance. Cause the Tube water sleeve import and export electrolysis corrosion, ordinary water electrolysis corrosion rate is 100 times times more than distilled.

The water tank of the air cooler is about 0 according to the power of the equipment. 4~2.0m3, the price per ton is 250 yuan to 300 yuan. Because the use of closed cycle, so low consumption of distilled water, for the use of distilled water created the conditions, at the same time as a certain proportion of our company specifically developed antifreeze products can completely solve the high frequency water in winter frozen problems. The use of distilled water not only improves the life of equipment and components, but also reduces the maintenance cost, thus achieves the goal of increasing productivity and saving energy.

Four, air cooler through the atmosphere and soften the wall heat exchange, the furnace inductor, SCR, tubes and other electrical components emitted by the heat emitted in the air. The heat transfer tube of high thermal performance has high heat flux density after combination, so the cooling efficiency of the device is very high. The use of air continuous heat transfer, heat transfer to the air, clear the accumulated heat, to meet the induction heating system temperature requirements.