High Intermediate Frequency Surface Quenching Induction Heating Equipment Air Cooler

- Feb 26, 2018-

In this paper, the heat treatment of high intermediate frequency induction heating quenching equipment cooling, is to use a new type of air cooler by air and cooling water heat exchanger, the heat generated by the induction heating equipment directly emissions in the atmosphere of a new generation of products

The cooling system adopts pure water closed-circuit circulation, the water quality is clean, the cooling device is not fouled, it is not blocked by foreign body, and the fault of induction heating equipment is reduced. The reliability of the operation of the equipment and its service life are guaranteed, meanwhile the purpose of saving electricity and saving energy is achieved.

Induction heating device generates a lot of heat in the work. If it does not dissipate heat in time, it will seriously affect the service performance and life of the equipment.

Currently, induction heating equipment users due to their own different conditions for the cooling water system is not enough attention, use pure water not well water or tap water not pure water not according to stipulations, causing cooling fouling, local temperature seriously affect the reliability of electrical components and Service life.

Research and practical application show that a single semiconductor element temperature higher than the normal operating temperature range for every 10 ℃, the reliability of the system will be reduced by 50%. Therefore, the development of electronic technology needs good cooling means to guarantee.

This heat dissipation method requires compactness, reliability, high efficiency heat dissipation rate and no need for maintenance.

Pure water cooling system is  often equipped with plate heat exchanger, secondary circulating pump, water tank, water tower and other parts to cool a clean water.

The secondary cooling water consumption is large, and the surface of the plate heat exchanger and the surface of the water tower are easy to scale, which can seriously affect the heat transfer capacity. It is difficult to work when cleaning, and the leakage problem is easy to occur when reassembling.

In order to solve the above disadvantages, a new type of air cooler is used for heat transfer, and the heat transfer tube forms high heat flux density, which is distributed to the atmosphere by the rapid air flow.

Pure water in high frequency heating equipment of new type of air cooler and closed cycle, was the non-furring long-term cooling system, is not blocked by foreign body, winter add antifreeze in cooling water to eliminate the water was freezing failure

Requirements for cooling water system.

The cooling water is needed to cool the electronic tubes in the induction heating equipment, the coil, the thyristor, the power device, and the sensor.

Cooling water inlet temperature should not exceed 35 ℃, the water temperature should not exceed 60 ℃. Water PH value should be in the range of 5.6 to 8.5, the hardness is not greater than 60mg / L, resistivity> 4KΩ / cm2.

The cooling water system shall be equipped with a water separator and a return water tank to ensure the normal water supply and backwater of the equipment.

The inlet and outlet of the distributor shall be filled with valves, pressure gauges, etc.

The number and diameter of the outlet pipe of the water distributor are determined by the inlet and outlet of the induction heating equipment and the sensor and output transformer.

The water distributor should be equipped with a drain pipe to adjust the water pressure.

The outlet pipe of the return water tank should be larger, so as to ensure the smooth return of water.

The effluent of induction heating equipment should be directly observed, and transparent plexiglas protective cover can be used for dustproof.

Do not share a water tank with the power cooling water and quenching water, so as to prevent the impurities from entering the induction heating device and damaging the electrical components prematurely.

Water pressure requirements:

Hf output:10~60KW, water pressure:0.1~2 MPa

Hf output: 100~200KW,water pressure 1.5~3 MPa

Hf output: 250~500KW, water pressure 2.5~6 MPa

The operator should check the water flow and water pressure every time before starting the machine. If abnormal phenomenon is found, it should be eliminated in time.