Air Cooler Vs Water Cooler

- Jan 16, 2018-

Water cooler and air cooler are essentially the same in nature, except that water cooler is circulate the heat of the CPU to the heat exchanger and then dissipate it. Instead of a homogeneous metal or heat pipe of air cooler. The heat exchange part is almost a replica of an air cooler. 

Water cooling system has two of the biggest features: 

a) balanced CPU heat and low noise work. Due to the large specific heat capacity of water, it can absorb a large amount of heat while keeping the temperature unchanged. The temperature of the CPU in the water-cooling system can be well controlled. Sudden operation will not cause sudden changes in the internal temperature of the CPU. 

Due to the large surface area of the heat exchanger, only a low speed fan is required to dissipate the heat, so the water cooling is mostly matched with a lower speed fan. 

b) In addition, the working noise of the water pump is generally not obvious , so the overall cooling system compared with the air-cooled system is very quiet. Water cooler is an expensive and intricate way operable radiator for PCs, and an exploding, overclocked player has started using it a few years ago to create a record of overclocking limit, the product itself has also been transformed from the early self-made to the professional manufacturer and mass production, and into the retail sales channels.