Air Handling Unit

- Jan 21, 2021-

Standard air volume: 5000--50000 m3 /h ;

Standard cooling capacity: 15~1542 kW Standard heat treatment: 22~1732 kW; The whole series is divided into two categories: Return air unit and fresh air unit ;
Various types of coils and a variety of coil rows and fin space are optional Using ultra-low noise, comfortable and quiet, can meet various industries; Products with large temperature difference (5-20。C) can be provided according to customer requirements; Various air delivery and return directions are available for better selection and control of air flow organization; Provide non-standard external static pressure according to customers,and provide a variety of external static pressure options; Classic cabinet design, using CAD three-dimensional assembly combination, casting more humane products; Multi-level intelligent control technology,which can be connected to building automation system and realize remote monitoring


For design consultants: Complete equipment specifications and convenient model selection help shorten the project design cycle to select and recommend energy-saving and high-efficiency solutions for end users, and promote the success of the project. Lower downtime and higher reliability are the key advantages of specific systems that meet the requirements of end-user production processes

For end users: The system scheme is simple, inspection and maintenance are more convenient, and achieve better cost-effectiveness. Higher energy efficiency and energy saving can reduce electricity bills. Reliability makes you more worry-free and reduces downtime,.