Automatic Welding Machine Is Our New Technology And Equipment For Unit Cooler

- Jan 05, 2018-

Automatic welding machine for unit cooler

In the industrial refrigeration industry,when produce unit cooler, the majority of the 

traditional manufacturing process using copper, aluminum pipe material, with the 

introduction of advanced technology in the world, Vrcooler change 

the process, use of stainless steel pipe and come to use automatic welding technology, 

so both to meet the upgrading of product quality requirements, also entered the ranks of 

the world's advanced technology industry and enhance our own strong competitiveness.

In the unit cooler manufacturing and designning, taking into account to maximize the 

cooling area to increase and improve the cooling capacity, the U-shaped tube 

arrangement will be as dense as possible, thus forming the tube and the tube before 

the space is narrow, in the past we mostly take artificial manual welding, although it 

can be welded, but the efficiency is not high, the weld effect is unsatisfactory, 

equipment failure rate is higher, recurring need repairs, bring a lot of unnecessary 

losses and trouble to our manufacturer.

So had export automatic welding machine from Germany.

HX16P and HX22P are Germany ORBITALUM companies specifically to solve these 

problems and research and development, design, manufacture of automatic pipe 

welding machine.

The HX16P and HX22P tube welders, specially developed for unit cooler U-tube welding, 

are the ideal solution for pre-assembled bow-pieces with compact dimensions and minimal 

space requirements.



Advantage of Automatic welding machine for unit cooler:

Achieve narrow space all-position argon arc welding, welding forming aesthetics, high welding qualified rate, good reproducibility;

Welding clamp compact, durable design, and ergonomic, easy to operate;

The design of the welding clamp uses a water-cooled substrate and rotor housing to enable it to carry a high load;

Can be quickly and easily installed in the pipeline and welding, welding and high efficiency;