Characteristics Of Evaporative Condenser

- Oct 17, 2017-

Product aspects

1. The condenser coil tube is specially designed exclusively for steel pipe, which is in water by 2.5MPa pressure test, the whole in nearly 430 ℃ high-temperature hot dip zinc.

2. The use of imported or domestic high-quality galvanized sheet, you can choose electrostatic spray technology, set the trough can be used stainless steel plate.

3. The fan chooses the special-purpose high efficiency, the low noise axis fan, the special fan has the high range, prevents the hot air backflow.

4. Pump with small power, large flow, low head for outdoor design and according to customer requirements to assemble descaling instrument.

5. Cloth water, efficient water receiver and cooling filler with large flow, anti-clogging nozzle, precision calculation continuous uniform coverage, to eliminate the wall of water film "dry point", high-quality PVC materials made, anti-aging, wind resistance small groove water suction device, so that the water flow rate control under 0.001%, cooling filler for the honeycomb-like cross-flow structure, Suitable for circulating water cooling

6. Small flow cooling circulating water in the condenser coil evaporation, gas ammonia condensation in the condenser tube in the liquid, so called evaporative condenser. High-intensity evaporation makes the evaporative condenser more easily than other types of condensers, and there is no ideal descaling method. The serious scaling of evaporative condenser loses the advantages of power saving. High-quality cooling water only applicable, selection should be cautious!

Technical aspects

1. The use of wind-induced countercurrent and a heat transfer design, the transmission of heat depends entirely on the surface of the coil, the air at low speed from the lower part of the evaporative condenser into the four weeks, and at high speed from the upper part of the evaporative condenser, so that the hot and humid saturated air reflux deceleration to

2. Advanced large water spray device, can drench the water to maximize the containment wall, improve the heat transfer coefficient, the device has advanced structure, no plug phenomenon characteristics, reduce surface scaling, improve equipment use efficiency.

3. The use of imported or domestic ST102 high-quality Super galvanized plate, optional electrostatic spray molding process, set the trough can choose 304 stainless steel plate.