Cleaning Steps Of Air Compressor Cooler

- Oct 17, 2017-

Air-cooled Air compressor cooler Cleaning

Air Compressor equipment downtime and confirm the pressure has been released, pull down the total power switch. Turn on the shroud to clear the cover, or remove the cooling fan. Using compressed air to blow the dirt off, and then take the dirt out of the shroud, if dirty, should be sprayed with some oil remover before blowing. When the air compressor cooler can not be cleaned with the above method, it needs to be removed, soaked or sprayed with a cleaning solution and washed with a brush. Install the cover plate or cooling fan.

Water-cooled Air compressor cooler Cleaning

Stop and confirm the pressure has been released, pull down the power switch. Disassemble the cooling water and access the water pipe. Soak in a cleaning solution or rinse with a circulating pump. Rinse with water. Install cool water in and out of water pipe.

Air Compressor Cooler Cleaning Chemical method

When the oil cooler scaling more serious, using the above method to clean up the ideal, you can separate the oil cooler, open both ends of the cover, with a special cleaning brush or other tools to remove the scale. The scale can be removed by chemical method.

The specific air compressor cooler cleaning Chemical method is: first made acid solution, will 5-10kg hydrochloric acid into 100KG water, acid trough in the bottom of the cooler, the bottom of a tube to the small water pump, water pump and cleaning of the cooler channels constitute a loop loop. After the pump starts using the acid solution to carry on the circulation cleaning, generally cleans 6 hours or so. If the winter cleaning, the solution can be heated to 70-80 degrees to speed up the cleaning, improve the cleaning effect. After cleaning the acid solution, remove the liquid and rinse with water. In order to prevent acid corrosion, 5% of the soda solution can be recycled for 10 minutes, and finally rinse clean with water.