Cold Storage Feastures, Seafood Cold Storage

- Nov 29, 2017-

Cold storage unit which is a cold storage equipment.
Cold storage features:
(1) With high performance brand compressor, mechanical and electrical controller for speed,
fully automatic computer control box, for you to save electricity, save manpower.
(2) Very easy to install, optimization design of air conditioning installation is simple
(3) Using internal ribbed tube condenser, fan rotor outside using mechanical and electrical,
better ventilation heat transfer, refrigeration components, and adopts the world famous in the
same conditions has higher seer.
(4) To optimize the design of the refrigerating system comprehensively, temperature control is
fast, five heavy rust, longer life.
(5) The wide range of USES, suitable for food industry, the supermarket frozen and fresh vegetables,
cold drinks wholesale pharmaceutical equipment, seafood breeding and so on.