What Are The Internal Structures And Functions Of The Condenser?

- Mar 19, 2018-

What are the internal structures and functions of the condenser?

Condensers can be divided into two categories: shower plate condenser and spiral centrifugal spray condenser according to the internal structure. The role of the condenser is to through the mutual convection between the cooling water and the steam. The cooling water absorbs the steam and condenses the steam into condensed water. The condenser discharges the water from the lower outlet to the pool. While condensing the steam, the separated furnace gases are discharged into the atmosphere or into the next-stage pump. 

Condenser exchanges heat with cooling water and steam. Therefore, the outer wall of the condenser can feel the heat exchange through the tactile sense of the hand. In general, the condenser barrel can be divided into three equal parts. The normal situation is: the above bisect is cold, and the below bisect is hot. If the middle or upper part of the condenser is also hot, the amount of water in the condensed water is insufficient, and the steam is not fully absorbed by the cooling water. At this point, part of the steam will enter the next stage jet pump along with the exhaust port, which will bring a burden on the pumping of the lower pump and is not conducive to the vacuum degassing work of the system.