Condenser Coil Cleaner, Method

- Mar 02, 2018-

How to clean the condenser? 

Step as following:

1. Clean the circulating water inside the condenser, install the ball valve between the isolation valve and the exchanger, and form the condenser into an independent circulation system

2.Suppression test to determine the presence of scale presence of leakage, to take the appropriate plan

3.In a separate loop connected to the pump and the connecting pipe, the bottom of the condenser pumped into the British Teret cleaning agent, outflow from the top

4.Cycle cleaning process, the cleaning solution and the scale reaction will have a lot of gas generated, should be released at any time by the exhaust valve excess gas

5.Timing PH value to detect the effectiveness of cleaning agents. If the solution is maintained at PH 2-3, the cleaning agent is still valid; if the cleaning agent PH value rose to 5-6, you need to add an appropriate amount of British Teret cleaning agent. If the solution does not change between pH 2-3 within 30 minutes, the cleaning process is complete

6. Cleaner discharged to the sewage treatment system, connected to the water system for repeated washing

7. Cleaning after pressure test to determine the scale dissolved no leakage

8. Remove the cleaning system components, restore the original condenser operating system


Dilution of detergent to be moderate

Pay attention to safety in every step of the operation