What Is The The Reasons For The Possibility Of Excessive Condensation Pressure And The Treatment Method?

- Mar 16, 2018-

What is the The reasons for the possibility of excessive condensation pressure and the treatment method?

Condensing prssure too highReason
Processing method
Air cooled condenser and water cooled condenser
There are air or other non condensable gases in a refrigeration systemDeflate the condenser with a recycling system, start up and run the system until it reaches the operating temperature, if it needs to be at one release

The condenser heat transfer area is too small

Change a larger condenser

The system refrigerant is filled with too much (liquid accumulation in the condenser)

Reclaim the refrigerant until the condensing pressure is normal. The mirror must be kept full

Condensing pressure regulator setting pressure is incorrect

Set at the right pressure

Air cooled condenser

There is dirt on the surface of the condenser

Cleaning the condenser

The motor or blade of a fan is defective or too small

Replace motor or blade or both

The air volume of the condenser is limited

Removal of the inlet barrier or the displacement of the condenser

The temperature of the environment is too high

The establishment of fresh air inlet or condenser displacement

The air flow in the condenser is not correct

Change the steering of the fan motor. In the condensing unit, the air must first pass through the condenser and then to the compressor