What Case A Cooler Failing To Achieve The Desired Results?

- Jul 04, 2018-

Common causes of coolers failing to achieve the desired results

Some customer feedback, during the use of the cooler, encountered some situations that did not achieve the expected results, the common reasons are as following

1. Cooler system configuration reasons.

The cooler only plays the role of thermal energy conversion, according to the energy conduction constant, that is, the heat energy released on the hot side is equal to the heat energy attracted by the cold side.

In many cases, the hot side comes from the heat of the fever system without the remaining cold side cooling water.

If the amount of water is not enough, the water temperature is not enough, and the hot side measurement does not come. If this is the reason, the heat exchanger is no longer useful.

2. Cooler itself

Many users only need heat exchange area when purchasing the cooler. There is no detailed data such as heat transfer energy, medium flow rate, and inlet port measurement. The result is that the purchased cooler is correct.

However, the combination of the assembly line is not correct, and the plate cooler can not achieve the desired results. Even if the area is lengthened on this base, it is useless.

If you want the cooler product to perform as it should, you must choose a reasonable configuration and model. At the same time, the cooler also needs a good working environment to reduce the influence of external factors on the operation of the cooler.