Danfoss Issued A CH290 Refrigeration Compressor Designed For The Chinese Market

- Mar 16, 2018-

Danfoss issued a CH290 refrigeration compressor designed for the Chinese market

The CH290 is designed for use with R410A air conditioners and is based on the industry-leading Danfoss large-scale commercial scroll compressor platform. It has many advantages in this product line.

Advantages of CH290 Refrigeration Compressor 

1. Reliability

In the same system, the new 25HP compressor is equivalent to two existing 12 HP compressors, which not only provide the same cooling capacity but also provide better overall performance and unsurpassed reliability. At the same time, the CH290 refrigeration compressor adopts eco-friendly lead-free polymer bearings, which helps reduce warranty costs.

2. Save costs

Preventing phase loss and reverse rotation is very important. As far as the HVAC industry is concerned, the method of prevention is generally to provide the system with an electronic detection module. The new CH290 comes with detection function. No additional equipment is required, which reduces application costs.

3. Low noise

The CH290 compressor is equipped with a patented Danfoss crankcase heater, which is equivalent to the installation of a sound enclosure that reduces the noise level by 4 dB(A), thus eliminating additional application costs and installations.