2018 Egypt International Air Conditioning, HVAC, Refrigeration, Air Purification Exhibition

- Feb 05, 2018-

【Exhibition time】 2018-4-26 to 2018-4-29

【Exhibition Venue】 Cairo International Exhibition Center


Egypt's only most professional international air conditioning, HVAC refrigeration exhibition. Egypt International Air Conditioning, HVAC refrigeration exhibition is the landmark industry in Egypt. Organized by the Egyptian Association of Local Refrigerators, the exhibition is held annually in Cairo, Egypt. Its history has attracted the attention and participation of many exhibitors from all over the world. In the past, the exhibition held in conjunction with the Egyptian Building Materials Exhibition -Inter Build held from the beginning of next year, due to the scale of the exhibition to expand year by year, HVAC industry requirements of enterprises, HVAC, air conditioning and refrigeration started to be held separately in order to improve show professionalism, at the same time To expand the scale of the exhibition. To provide a one-stop service for the integrated building management system, it will broaden our horizons, inspire wisdom, capture the best business opportunities in the market and get the latest industry information. Today, Egypt and the Middle East and North Africa have become important sources of information on new products, new ideas and new services for the HVAC and HVAC industries. The exhibition not only provides a broad platform for exhibitors and visitors, but also provides a professional interactive space for exhibitors. This exhibition has formed a unique industrial forum for air conditioning, heating, ventilation and air conditioning in Egypt and the entire Middle East and North Africa. The refrigeration industry has created an unparalleled market size and a dynamic marketing environment.

Range of exhibition 

Ventilation, air conditioning systems and equipment: all kinds of air conditioning units, fans, fan coil, heat exchanger, air curtain, air filter, air purifier, air handling unit, air cleaner, humidifier, Humidifiers, dryers, ventilation ducts, diffusers, gas grates, mufflers, air handling units, heat pumps, ventilators, aspirators, exhaust fans, air conditioning valves,

Heating system and equipment: burners, boilers, indoor heaters, wall-mounted boilers, solar energy equipment, water heaters, various types of heating furnaces, floor heating systems, radiant heating systems, solid wall heating systems, hot air devices, electronic heaters,

Refrigeration System Accessories: Coolers, Cooling Towers, Fully Enclosed Internal Circulation Cooling Systems, Refrigerators, Freezers, Ice Machines, Condensers, Ice Cream Machines, Cold Storage, Refrigerants, Refrigeration Systems Heat Exchangers, Evaporators, Condensers, Refrigeration compressor, evaporative cooler, mobile refrigeration system, etc.

Piping systems and accessories: all kinds of radiators, pipes, valves, pumps, meters, regulators, thermostats, flue systems, insulation materials, etc.

Sanitary equipment: ceramic bathtub, sauna, SPA, hair dryer, bathroom accessories, etc.

Water treatment products: central air-conditioning cleaning technology and pipeline cleaning equipment, water purification systems and equipment, sewage treatment, fire-fighting installations.