Electrical Equipment Air Cooler

- Jan 31, 2018-

Electrical Equipment Air Cooler

Electrical equipment in the work produce a lot of heat, if not promptly dispersed will seriously affect the use of equipment and life expectancy. At present, the electrical equipment used in industry is not suitable for the cooling water system because the user's own conditions are not the same. Pure water is not used as required, but well water, river water or tap water cause scaling of the cooling part and local temperature increase Seriously affect the reliability and service life of electrical components. Research and practical application show that the reliability of a system will be reduced by 50% for every 10 ° C increase in the temperature of a single semiconductor device compared to the normal operating temperature. Therefore, the development of electronic technology requires good means of cooling to be guaranteed.

Air cooling system with compact, reliable, efficient cooling rate, do not need to repair and so on. The traditional water-cooled system, often equipped with plate heat exchanger, circulating water pump, pool, cooling tower and other facilities to cool a pure water. Secondary cooling water consumption, heat exchanger plate surface fouling easily affect the heat exchange capacity, cleaning laborious labor, re-assembly prone to leakage problems. The new air cooler only once a heat exchanger, heat transfer tube to form a high heat flux density, the air side of the tube using high-frequency welding, expanding the expansion of the area to improve the ability of air heat transfer, pure water in the air cooler heat transfer tube flow , Through the air flow outside the tube to quickly dissipate the heat generated by electrical equipment to the atmosphere, the air cooling system does not scale long-term operation, not blocked by foreign bodies. Winter in the north can be added in the cooling water antifreeze, eliminating the risk of water cracking is Cooling water system configuration diversion, backwater tank, to ensure the normal water supply and backwater equipment.

In the summer when the ambient temperature is high and the temperature of the cooling water drops lower, an additional spraying device is disposed between the fan and the heat transfer tube bundle to reduce the surface temperature of the heat transfer tube to the wet bulb temperature and increase the temperature difference heat transfer effect. Temperature can be automatically controlled to meet the temperature requirements of different processes.

The air cooler has the following advantages over conventional coolers:

1. No pool, cooling tower, small footprint.

2. Pure water closed loop, clean water, no water scale.

3. Closed loop, no debris to enter, not long moss, will not plug the pipeline.

4. Small size, the overall performance is good, easy to install.

5. Closed loop, minimal water consumption.

6. Avoid condensation in the summer electrical equipment, leading to the possibility of equipment failure.

7. Winter in the northern region, adding antifreeze circulating water to avoid the risk of freezing water.

8. Low power consumption.


1. Axial Fan

2. Spray pipe

3. Heat pipe bundle

4. Spray pump

5. water tray

6. Circulation pump

7. Water tank

8. Outlet

9. Intake pipe

10. control