Emerson Climat Released The Copeland Scroll Large Commercial Air Conditioning Compressor

- Mar 16, 2018-

Emerson Climate Technologies, one of Emerson's business brands, (November 22) grandly held the Copeland Scroll large-scale commercial air conditioner product launch conference in its Shenyang plant. Mr. Guo Shilei, President of Emerson Climate Technologies for Asia and the Middle East, celebrated this historic event with commercial air-conditioning customers, related department employees and industry scholars in China.

Emerson Climate Technologies (Shenyang) Refrigerator Co., Ltd. mainly produces refrigeration compressor products. After nearly 17 years of development, the Shenyang plant has become Asia's best semi-hermetic compressor plant. From this year, Emerson's environmental optimization technology plant in Shenyang has started production of semi-sealed scroll compressors and large-scale commercial air-conditioning compressors. The Copeland ScrollTM large-scale commercial air-conditioner compressor announced this time is the first production of compressor products for the air-conditioning field in Emerson's environmental optimization technology plant in Shenyang. For Emerson Environmental Optimization Technology, this major initiative means Emerson's environmental optimization technology will not only diversify its products to better support customers' needs, but will also serve the entire Asian and Chinese markets and provide a full range of services, products and solutions.