Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger Application In Petrochemical Industry

- Jan 31, 2018-

Heat pipe heat exchanger application in Petrochemical industry

Waste heat recovery

There is a large amount of waste heat available to recovery in the oil refining process. As refinery technologies become more sophisticated and energy conservation efforts become more and more important in refineries, the demand for energy-saving technologies is also on the increase. There are many heating furnaces in the refinery. One of the important ways to save energy is to reduce the temperature of the exhaust gas in the furnace and to recover the waste heat to reduce the energy consumption. Conventional heat exchangers, such as tube or rotary heat exchangers, are increasingly exposed to inherent shortcomings due to the deteriorating fuel quality used in refineries, increased consistency, increased acid value, and increased ash content. Rotary Air preheater on the one hand because of rotating parts, the gap is not easy to control, easy to cause a large number of air leakage, the use of 15% to maintain the air leakage rate is already very good; the other hand, the manufacturing complex, high precision, easy to accumulate dust And removal difficulties, even serious spontaneous combustion and deformation of the thermal storage plate lead to failure. Column air preheater, although the manufacture is simple, but because of its use of light pipe, heat transfer coefficient is lower, the same heat recovery, the required area is bound to increase, resulting in large equipment, steel consumption, occupy a large venue And a series of questions. The heat pipe heat exchanger with its unique heat transfer principle and equipment structure, can better solve the enhanced heat transfer, improve sealing performance, reduce fouling and improve corrosion resistance gradually accepted by everyone.

Heat pipe is the use of working substance phase transition heat transfer, it has a fast start, heat transfer strength of large features.

Heat pipe heat exchanger, air preheater advantages:

(1) high heat transfer efficiency, heat pipe in the absorption, the heat can be used according to the needs of the fins to enhance heat transfer, to make up for the weakness of the gas heat transfer coefficient.

(2) effectively prevent the flue gas, air flow, each heat pipe is relatively independent seal, flue gas, air flow in the tube, the middle by the partition seal strictly separated.

(3) Effectively prevent acid dew point corrosion. By adjusting the number of heat pipes or the heat transfer area ratio between the heat absorbing and exothermic sections of the heat pipe, the pipe wall temperature can be controlled to prevent dew point corrosion.

(4) Effectively prevent fouling, pre-heater designed into a variable cross-section structure, to ensure the flow of fluid using constant velocity, to achieve the purpose of self-cleaning.

(5) There is no moving parts in the heat transfer process, no additional power consumption, no need to frequently replace the heat pipe components, and even if there is some damage, the furnace will not be shut down and replaced at any time to ensure normal production.

(6) Simple and compact structure, less trouble, easy installation and maintenance.


Heat pipe heat exchanger performance parameters