How A Ammonia Refrigeration Systems Works?

- Jan 11, 2018-

The working principle of ammonia refrigeration.

First: the working principle of ammonia refrigeration 

The liquid ammonia in ammonia tank, enter the ammonia separator after depressurized and clod through the throttle, and mixed with the heat ammonia gas from ammonia evaporator, the temperature further reduced , then into the ammonia evaporator.

By absorbing the heat of the water passing through the ammonia evaporator, liquid ammonia changes from liquid to gaseous (while the temperature of the water is reduced).

Ammonia after conversion into the ammonia separator again, the liquid ammonia carried in the process of rising out of separation, together with the throttling ammonia to re-enter the ammonia evaporator.

Ammonia from the ammonia separator is ammonia compressor suction, compressed to a certain pressure into the condenser, the cooling water is cooled down, the ammonia gas into a liquid and then into the ammonia tank, and thus continue to cycle cooling.

Second: ammonia refrigeration process equipment and role in the ammonia refrigeration project process

The main equipment:compressor, ammonia evaporator, condenser, ammonia storage tank, ammonia separator, cold box, liquid ammonia separator, separator.

ammonia refrigeration.JPG

1. Compressor S8-125 piston compressor. The effect is to suck and compress the low pressure ammonia vapor flowing out from the ammonia evaporator to increase the ammonia pressure to the condensing pressure (1.4 MPa) and the temperature to the condensing temperature (140-150 ℃).

2. Ammonia evaporator. The role is to make natural gas temperature dropped when get through it, light oil and water in natural gas condensate out. The liquid ammonia absorbs the heat of the natural gas to be gasified. Equipment for the tube heat exchanger, natural gas flow in the pipe (cooling), ammonia evaporation absorb the heat in the shell 

For ammonia evaporator, suggest to choose stainless steel tube as following

 ammonia refrigeration system.JPG

3. Condenser. Is a tube heat exchanger, ammonia gas flows on the shell side (the cooling water flowing in the pipe) and the condensed water flows on the pipe (the ammonia gas is converted into liquid ammonia). The role is to make compressed ammonia gas condensation from liquid to liquid ammonia.

For ammonia condenser, suggest to choose stainless steel tube as following

ammonia condenser.JPG

4. Ammonia storage tank. For the sump type closed steel tank, which stored ammonia, provide liquid ammonia for the evaporator.

5. Ammonia oil separator. The same as ordinary separation, smaller, the role is separated from the ammonia compressor discharge of ammonia carried in the lubricating oil.

6. Cold box. Structure is the plate-fin heat exchanger, the material is aluminum metal with high thermal conductivity. Used for heat exchange between gas supply and gas transmission.

7. Ammonia liquid separator. Vertical tube spray shell. Separation of ammonia gas carried from ammonia evaporator, again into the ammonia evaporator; delivered the ammonia to the ammonia press.

8. Separator Gravity vertical oil and gas separator commonly used in the oil field. Its role is to separate the oil and water, natural gas that the natural gas condenses after cooling down.

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