How A Cooling Coil Works?

- Jan 05, 2018-

There are two types of cooling coil:

1. Serpentine coil type

Include fan coil type and air conditioning units flat type.

The flowing medium may be chilled water, hot water, industrial frozen brine, freon, ammonia, co2, glycol etc.

2. Air cooler type

Include air cooled module unit type, constant temperature and humidity unit type and air cooler type.

Include L type, U type, V type, W type etc.

Flowing medium is freon and other environmental refrigerant formulations.

The function of cooling coil

Utilize the refrigerant to absorb the heat in the cooling coil, so that the temperature of the cooling space is gradually reduced. Air handling unit cooling coil cool the air through chilled water in the tube side (refrigerant water). The fan will send the cold air to the place used for cooling. 

The refrigerant water will bring the heat absorbed back to the refrigeration unit via the return line of the chiller. Release heat, cooling and then be sent back to the cooling coil to absorb heat, cool the air flow, continuous circulation.

Installation and using of cooling coil

1. Cooling coil should be set up with a special bracket, not allowed to support the cooling coil

by the connector.

2. The water inlet and outlet piping of cooling coil should have good insulation measures to reduce heat loss and to avoid pipe frost.

3. The highest point of tube should be set exhaust pipe, the lowest point of tube should be set drainage. When not use the cooling coil in winter, the remaining water should be depleted, so as not to freeze the cracked copper tube.

4. Cold and hot water for the cooling coil, are not allowed sand, rust, fiber and other impurities in it.

Stainless steel cooling coil