How A Steam Heat Exchanger Works?

- Mar 23, 2018-

Steam heat exchangers use steam as a heat source to heat water or air. It can fully displace a large amount of calorific value in steam for heating water or air. The heated water or air can be sent to various drying and drying equipments. In modern industry, steam is an ideal heat carrier that is widely used.

Working Principle 

The steam entering the core is ejected at high speed along the oblique holes in the side wall. The kinetic energy of the water is absorbed by the water, and the water is pushed along the tangential direction of the edge of the core. It contacts the inner wall of the shell at a relatively large angle and is blocked by the shell and rotates. Due to the reasonable housing volume design. The flow rotation speed is suitable and stable. The rotating water stream can not only better absorb the kinetic energy of the steam, eliminate the noise, but also disperse the steam flow into a large number of tiny soda units. This kind of small-sized combined mixing produces very low noise.