How Many Air Conditioning System Types?

- Jan 31, 2018-

How many air conditioning system types?

First, according to the setting of air conditioning equipment classification:

(1) Centralized air conditioning system: Centralized air-conditioning system is a variety of air-handling equipment and fans are concentrated in a dedicated room, the air is handled centrally, and then by the air supply system will handle the air to each Air conditioned room.

(2) Semi centralized air conditioning system: In addition to a centralized air treatment room, secondary air treatment facilities are provided in each air conditioned room to further replenish the air from the centralized treatment room.

(3) Fully decentralized air conditioning system: The air-conditioning unit that integrates all air-handling equipment, fan, automatic control system and cold and heat sources, etc., is a type of air conditioner to directly disposed in the air-conditioned room to handle air locally.

Second, according to the burden of indoor load used by the type of medium:

(1) The whole air system: air-conditioned room, all the heat and humidity load by the treated air to bear the air conditioning system.

(2) Full water system: air-conditioned room hot and humid load all rely on water as a hot and cold medium to bear the air conditioning system.

(3) Air - water system: air conditioning room hot and humid load by the air and water treated air conditioning system.

(4) Refrigerant direct evaporation system: This is a refrigeration system evaporator directly on the room to absorb the room hot and humid load air conditioning system.

Third, according to different categories of clients: comfort air conditioning and process air conditioning. Comfort Air conditioning is usually used in homes or public places; air conditioners are often used in factories, laboratories and other places where air has special requirements.

As shown in the new fan unit, is a centralized air-conditioning system. Its working principle is: the outdoor fresh air enters the air treatment room through the fresh air outlet, and after the filter removes the dust from the air conditioner, after the air cooler reaches the designed temperature and humidity, Sent by the blower air volume control system into the duct system into the noise reduction device to reduce noise, after each room air volume adjustment device, sent to the air-conditioned room by the air outlet, absorbed the room waste heat, wet, the self-return vent Drain through the air duct outdoor.