What is a finned tube?

- Jan 17, 2018-

The basic form of air cooler finned tube are: sleeve form, around slice form, rolled form, welded form, oval tube form, inserted form, turbulent form, spoke form, slotted form and corrugated form.

The main structure of the air cooler tube box includes flange, pipe plug and manifold. Generally flange is used for low pressure, pipe plug and manifold are used for high pressure.

Finned tube processing technology

Air-cooled finned tube manufacturing process mainly has the intergrally forming, welding, high frequency welding and mechanical connection. The integrally formed fins are integral with the tube and provide good heat transfer, mechanical and thermal expansion but high manufacturing costs for low finned tubes (ie, threaded tubes).

Welding fins can weld the fin and tube from different materials. It is easy to manufacture, but the weld residue is not conducive to heat transfer. Welding quality must be guaranteed. High-frequency welding fin use the high-frequency induction produced from high-frequency generator to make the tube surface contact with the fin produce high temperature and partially melt. The fins are then connected to the tube by pressurization. There is no flux and solder during connection. Due to the simple manufacturing and excellent performance, it is the most widely used industrial process.


Extruded finned tube

L / LL / KL type wound finned tube

Mosaic finned tube

High frequency welded spiral finned tube

H / HH-type finned tube

Longitudinal finned tube 

Low-finned spiral pipe

Spiral finned pipe

U-tube and knuckle tube


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