How Many Types Of Air Cooler?

- Jan 16, 2018-

Air cooler is divided into refrigeration industrial air cooler and household air cooler. 

Industrial air cooler is generally used for cold storage, cold chain logistics and refrigeration environment. Domestic air cooler, also known as water-cooled air-conditioning, is a collection of cooling, ventilation, dust, odor removal evaporation-type cooling ventilation unit. Air cooler can not only bring fresh air and reduce temperature to the workshop, public places, commercial entertainment places, it also has an important feature

 ---- energy saving and environmental protection. It is a new non-compressor, refrigerant, copper-free environmentally friendly product. Its main components of the core

 ----- evaporative wet curtain (multilayer corrugated fiber composite) and 1.1KW of the main motor, is the traditional central air conditioning power consumption 1/8 for all sectors more energy-efficient.

Cooling fan (evaporative air conditioner) cooling principle is: 

When the fan is running into the cavity to produce negative pressure so that the machine air flow through the porous wet curtain surface to force the curtain air through the dry-bulb temperature is reduced to near the air-wet ball temperature. That is, the dry-bulb temperature at the outlet of the chiller is 5-12 ℃ lower than the outdoor dry-bulb temperature (up to 15 ℃ in dry and hot areas). The more dry air, the greater the temperature difference, the better the cooling effect. Since the air is always introduced into the room from the outside (this time is called the positive pressure system), the indoor air can be kept fresh. At the same time as the machine uses the principle of evaporation cooling, it has the dual function of cooling and humidification (relative humidity up to 75% or so). Using it in the textile and knitting workshops, not only can improve the cooling and humidification conditions, but also purify the air, reduce the needles in the needle-spinning process, improve the quality of needle-spinning products. 

The air cooler (evaporative air conditioner) is surrounded by honeycomb curtains made of special materials and has a large surface area. The wet curtain is continuously humidified by the water circulation system. In the wet curtain air cooler there is equipped with high-efficiency low-noise energy-saving fan. When the fan is running, the negative pressure of the wet curtain air cooler causes the air outside the machine to flow into the machine through the porous wet curtain. Due to evaporation of the wet curtain to absorb heat, it force the air through the wet curtain cooling. Meanwhile, the water on the wet curtain evaporates the air flowing through the wet curtain, increasing the humidity of the air. Therefore, the wet curtain cooling fan has the dual function of cooling.

Industrial air cooler

Dry air cooler is commonly used in industry. It relies on the passage of air through the evaporator tubes inside the chiller to cool the forced flow of air outside the tube.If installed in the cold inside the floor, it is called floor-type air cooler. If installed in the top of the warehouse, it is called top-chiller.