How Many Types Of Cold Store Compressor?

- Jan 02, 2018-

Compressor is the heart of the Activities cold storage. There are three common compression machines, open, semi-closed and fully enclosed. Fully enclosed compressor has small size, low noise and low power consumption. It is the preferred model of the Activities cold storage and other small cold storages.

Now on the market,the fully enclosed compressor's quality of developed countries importing or Sino-foreign joint ventures is  more reliable. But the price is much higher than domestic compressor.It is more suitable for urban activities cold storage and other small cold storage.

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The most common form of the fully enclosed compressor is piston compressor, including large, medium and small one.Single cooling capacity more than 550kW is the large compressor.Single cooling capacity under 25kW is the small compressor.Between 25kW and 550kW is the medium compressor. According to the use of temperature range, the compressor can be divided into high temperature, temperature and low temperature those three models. 

High temperature type is -10C ~ 10C. Medium temperature type is -20 ~ 0C. Low-temperature type is -40 ~ -10C.

Piston compressor production has a long history. Its manufacturing technology is mature and it has good performance. There are dozens of its models, most commonly used in the current cold storage and other small cold storage refrigeration systems. However, its structure is more complicated. It has many wearing parts, which is troubled to manage and maintain. So the piston compressor is most commonly used in medium and small cold storange. 

Branch Star cold insulation board surface with stainless steel, Caitu steel, FRP three types. Material is divided into polyurethane cold plate, polystyrene cold plate, for the user to choose.

Cold storage temperature is divided into L, D, J, three grades, respectively for 5 degrees Celsius -5 degrees Celsius (fresh storage), -10 degrees Celsius -18 degrees Celsius (cold storage), -20 degrees Celsius -23 degrees Celsius (freezer) three kinds, special requirements Cryogenic cold storage up to -30 degrees Celsius -40 degrees Celsius.

Cold storage size according to user requirements. It can be arbitrarily combined. Small cold storage can be a few tons, large cold storage is up to tens of thousands of tons. At the same time the cold storage can be compartmed into any number of space or different specifications. There are chillers or evaporators in the cold storage.

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