How Many Types Of Condenser?

- Dec 23, 2017-

How many types of condenser?

Condenser according to their different cooling medium can be divided into water cooled condenser, air cooled condenser, evaporative condenser.

(A) Water cooled condenser

Water cooled condenser is use water as a cooling medium, by water to take away the condensation heat. Cooling water is generally recycled, but cooling towers or cool water tanks are required in the system. Water cooled condenser according to their structure can be divided into shell and tube condenser or tube condenser, the common is the shell and tube condenser.

(B) Air cooled condenser

Air cooled condenser air is used as a cooling medium, by air to take away condensation heat. This condenser is suitable for extreme water shortage or water supply occasions, common in small Freon refrigeration units. According to different air flow, can be divided into two types of natural convection and forced convection.

(C) Evaporative condenser

Evaporative condenser heat transfer is mainly by the cooling water in the air evaporation to absorb latent heat of vaporization carried out. By air flow can be divided into suction and pressure delivery, as shown. Evaporative condenser from the cooling tube group, water supply equipment, ventilators, flaps and boxes and other components. 

Cooling pipe group for the seamless steel pipe made of curved serpentine coil group, installed in the rectangular steel plate made of steel. Fan on both sides or top of the box, the bottom of the box also serves as a cooling water circulation pool. Evaporation and shell and tube condenser in parallel.