How Many Types Of Cooler For Cold Storage And Cold Room?

- Jan 03, 2018-

How many types of cooler for cold storage and cold room? 

Piping type

Cooling coil

Cooling coil is a kind of evaporator used to cool the air, it one type of air cooler heat exchanger. Widely used in low temperature cold storage, the refrigerant flows in the cooling coil and then evaporate, Outside the tube as a heat transfer medium for natural convection cooling air.

The biggest advantage of the cooling pipe is its simple structure, easy to manufacture, less dry consumption of non-packaged food stored in storeroom. But the coil's heat transfer coefficient is low, and defrost operation difficult, is not conducive to automation. Direct cooling system for the ammonia seamless welded steel pipe, used light tube or winding finned tube; for Freon systems, mostly adopted to around the sheet or sleeve copper tube finned tube group.

Pipe Snake Tube cooler

Serpentine pipe jacking, gravity supply liquid or ammonia pump supply liquid is both operated; single row and double-row snake tube wall drain can be used for the next on the up-out and down-in type ammonia pump and gravity supply liquid system. For a single pipe snake tube can also be used for up-out and down-in type ammonia pump  for the liquid supply system and thermal expansion valve for the liquid system.

The advantages of the serpentine tube is its simple structure, easy to manufacture, the amount of liquid storage is small, applicability. The main disadvantage is the steam generated in the lower section of the tube gas can not be drawn in time, must be discharged after the full length of the discharge pipe, so the heat transfer coefficient is small, the flow resistance of the two-phase liquid-vapor large.

U-shaped tube cooler

U-shaped pipe commonly used by two or four smooth seamless steel pipe composition.

U-shaped top row pipe is the frosting more uniform, more convenient production and installation, filling volume is small, accounting for about 50% of its volume, for gravity supply liquid system and ammonia pump up-out and down-in type refrigeration system, in the cold storage to obtain a wider range of applications. However, it occupies more effective  warehouse space,And the upper drain pipe is not easy to defrost.

Air cooler

Air cooler is mostly composed of axial flow fan cooling pipes and other components of a complete set of equipment. It relies on the fan to force the air in the warehouse to flow through the cabinet within the cooling pipe heat exchange, to cooling the air, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the temperature of the library.

Air cooler can be divided into 3 type according to the way it cool the air:dry cooling, wet cooling and wet and dry mixed cooling. Among them, the refrigerant or refrigerant flow in the pipe,cooling the air out the tube through by tube wall called dry air cooler.

To spray the liquid refrigerant directly and air heat exchange,known as the wet chiller. Mixed chiller in addition to cooling the discharge pipe, there is a refrigerant spray device. The following describes the cold storage widely used chiller dry air cooler commonly used cold room can be divided into ceiling and floor two types according to their installation location. They are constituted of air cold pipes, fan and defrosting device, and the cooling coil in the air cooler are chip-type.  Large dry air cooler often floor standing.