How Many Types Of Evaporator For Refrigerator?

- Mar 28, 2018-

The evaporator can be divided into several kinds: the aluminum alloy composite plate is composed of two thin plates, during which the expansion is formed, the characteristic is the heat transfer is good, easy to make.

It is widely used for the freezer of straight refrigerator; The shell of the coil evaporator is made of aluminum alloy sheet, which is made of aluminum tube or copper tube with a diameter of 8 ~ 12mm.

The circular tube is rolled flat against the outer surface of the shell to increase the contact area and improve the heat transfer performance.

It is simple and easy to damage with small leakage, mainly used in the refrigerator of the refrigerator; The optical tube disc evaporator is made of 8 ~ 12mm aluminum tube, copper tube and stainless steel tube, and is fixed according to the desired shape and tube length.

It is easy to install and clean. But the capacty of unit is small, it is used in the household freezer and small freezer and so on; The single-side finned evaporator is connected to the same side of the tube with an aluminum strip fin, and then it is bent into shape, which is more effective than the heat transfer area of the tube.

Cold storage room for refrigerated refrigerator; Finned tube evaporator of around 0.15 mm aluminium flake (fin) layers, each layer of the same interval, will wear a u-shaped bend of copper tube into the hole of fin, again on the open side of the U tube of neighboring two pipe port insert U bend, welding line.

The evaporator heat transfer area increases, the heat exchange efficiency is improved, the volume is small, the performance is stable. It is often used to make the gap between the hole and the hole of the plate fin and the uneven wavy shape, or to cut out the long and long line slot to increase the mixing effect on the flowing air.

The air is flowing through the slot and further improves the heat exchange performance. The evaporator is used in a cold refrigerator.

Its main function is to turn the high temperature and high pressure refrigerant from the compressor into a low temperature through the condenser and the filter. and finally turn into a liquid refrigerant after passing through the capillary. This liquid refrigerant takes heat from the air inside the refrigerator when it evaporates. To achieve the purpose of refrigeration.