How To Choose A Copper Tube Evaporator Coil Or Aluminum Tube Evaporator Coil?

- Dec 25, 2017-

Due to a variety of reasons, most manufacturers are starting to use aluminum tube evaporator coils and condensers coils to repalce copper tube evaporators coils and condenser coils. Before you decide to purchase with a copper coils or aluminium coil for the new system, it's best to know about the content you set for yourself.

Traditionally, the copper tube for evaporator and condenser coil is considered to be a better choice.The reason is that its heat transfer rate, cost effectiveness, flexibility, and of course the brass road system is used to connect to 

distribution systems.However the cost of copper raised very much in the last few years, thereby reversing the situation of the manufacturing. Manufacturers think aluminum tube is being better, because it is cheaper, but also have the many benefits of copper tube as mentioned above.The main difference is that the thermal conductivity of copper is about two times of aluminum.

tube fin evaporator (12).jpg

Copper evaporator coil

tube fin evaporator (13).jpg

Aluminum evaporator coil


As mentioned above, the rate of heat transfer in the copper is better than aluminum.

That's why you can always find copper tube coils air conditioner/heat pump with high SEER ratings.

Repair costs

If the coil damaged, it is easy to repair all the copper coils,however if aluminum condenser

 or evaporator coils damaged, will need to change the whole coil. Today's copper and 

aluminum finned coil are all not very good to repair.It's difficult to brazing copper 

as copper tube is very thin.


Copper corrosion easily (but, as long as the coil is proper and regular maintenance, 

it is not a big setback), aluminum susceptible to mold and bacteria. Anyone with bacteria 

or mold problems should use ultraviolet air purifier in the pipe.This needs to be 

performed by trained professionals.

Adverse trend of copper 

Modern technology combined with the cost of copper forced manufacturers cheap materials.

The imported here is thinner lower efficiency coil of flooding the market.Some people 

think that the copper more durable than aluminium.However, due to the above situation, 

manufacturers are using thinner and more stable line, that may soon change.

In addition, the price of copper to make it more attractive to thieves.It is being 

targeted, and sold at a cheaper price in the market.If you use this material to 

guarantee the safety of electric wire, this will prevent theft.

Beware of hybrid

Though the copper wire used for line setup, however aluminum is for ins.When copper and 

aluminum connecting, most of the galvanic corrosion will happen.When two different metal 

connection, the galvanic corrosion usually occurs.With the continuous progress of modern 

science and technology, the concept of unrelated metal making aluminum some attractive 



Each metal has its own advantages, making it the right choice for evaporator coil and 

condenser coil. Choose weaknesses are tied, so the really fell into consumers' hands.

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of copper and aluminum, according to the 

availability of the space, using two coils, cost-effective when installation and 

maintenance.There are some equipment can work with aluminum, some equipment can work 

with copper.