How To Choose The Quality Of Stainless Steel Tube?

- Mar 22, 2018-

Stainless steel tube quality inspection is divided into the surface and the inner wall. Here we introduce the contents and methods of the stainless steel pipe surface and geometry of stainless steel pipe.

The surface quality inspection is generally performed by artificial eye inspection. The contents to be viewed mainly include lighting conditions, standards, experience, logos, and rotation of stainless steel tubes. Non-destructive inspection methods include ultrasonic inspection UT, eddy current inspection ET, magnetic powder MT and magnetic flux leakage inspection, penetrant inspection, electromagnetic and ultrasonic testing. These inspection methods are mainly from the surface of materials with uniform material and internal crack defects, pipe surface defects and so on.

Geometric shape stainless steel tube shape and size inspection: Pipe wall thickness inspection, pipe diameter, ovality, pipe length, pipe bending, pipe end face angle and blunt edge.

Of course, in the inspection process of the steel pipe, we will adopt different inspection methods based on the difference between the procurement needs and the application, and the emphasis will be different. For example, we use it as a sewage pipeline, we will check its thickness. The smoothness of the inner wall may not be the place we focus on.