How To Clean Auto Evaporator Coil?

- Mar 13, 2018-

Of musty air conditioning clean method: 

Experienced owners will find that the first turn on the air conditioning, car air conditioning can blow out a musty, automobile air conditioner a winter haven't used, send wind tunnels will gather dust and peculiar smell, so it is easy to cause a train personnel of respiratory diseases.Automotive air conditioning actually just started blowing wind had little musty, 90% because of air conditioning evaporator has a mold.

The simplest method is to find a sunny day to drive to the sun, the air conditioning system in the first warm windshield, turned to the air volume, in door window fully open state, as long as after more than ten minutes, this mold can be eliminated, "funky" commonly can solve.

But if a few days later, like mold to produce will check the air filter mesh whether need to clean or replace.After cleaning the filter, it is best to do it again photocatalytic disinfection beauty such as car, but higher cost.

Cleaning evaporator: if the car air conditioner filter replacement is not long time in small wind or peculiar smell, then suggested that clean the evaporator.

Air-conditioning filter in the process of cleaning at ordinary times often can use two kinds of potions, one kind is of air filter of fungicide, another can be used by ultrasonic atomization, or high pressure method to clear the dust on the accumulation in the evaporator and the impurities such as hair, these impurities after by ultrasonic atomization, can pass it through the air conditioner drain out.

After some time, cleaning air conditioning can work normally, and can be blown out with clean cool wind