How To Clean Evaporator Coil?

- Jan 30, 2018-

What issues cause the evaporator need to clearn:

Evaporator circulating cooling water contains a lot of salts, corrosion products and various microorganisms. Because it did not have water treatment, evaporator after operating for some time the water side will end with a large number of calcium and magnesium carbonate scale and algae, microbial sludge and sticky mud. These dirt firmly attached to the inner surface of the brass resulting in deterioration of heat transfer, cycle pressure increased and unit vacuum reduced. It affects the operating efficiency of the unit and results in greater economic losses.

The traditional cleaning methods are usually chemical cleaning - pickling. This method is effective for a variety of depositions, saving time compared to mechanical methods. However, chemical cleaning is corrosive to systems and other metal parts. It easily appears corroded equipment pipeline situation and pollutes the environment when emission.

How to clean evaporator coil: 

1. Disconnect other systems that are not related to the evaporator.

2. Turn on the evaporator water side high vent valve and steam side low guide pilot valve to ensure that a large amount of gas generated during the reaction can be discharged in time and the fullness of the cleaning liquid. At the same time, the leaking valve is used to monitor the leakage of the copper pipe of the heat exchanger in the cleaning process.

3. In order to monitor the cleaning effect of the system and equipment during the cleaning process, suspend the standard corrosion test piece which is equivalent to the equipment material and the monitoring pipe in the cleaning tank before cleaning construction.