How To Clean The Evaporator Of Haier Since The Clean Air Conditioning?

- Mar 13, 2018-

How to clean the evaporator of Haier since the clean air conditioning?

Haier has self-cleaning stripping evaporator dirt at the core of the patent technology, namely cold expansion technology!So what is a cold expansion technology?

Traditional air conditioning evaporator condensate with pipe line directly away, Haier air conditioning found that if the condensate on the evaporator ice frost, water can produce 960 kilograms per square centimeter per gram of bulging force, in the process of water ice, using the expansion force, can easily will stubborn dirt mixed with water, and ice into water again, can eliminate dirt away!

This is like the summer temperature is high, the melted chocolate is easy to stick on the wrapping paper, if the chocolate in the refrigerator frozen a frozen, then take out, peel away after wrapping paper must be clean!

This is haier since the principle of stripping dirt clean air conditioning cold expansion technology