How To Clean The Remote Genset Radiator?

- Mar 21, 2018-

Internal cleaning: If the joint leaks, there is no choice to use hard water for a period of time, or because the power generation runs for a period of time without the use of rust remover, the system may become clogged with scale.

Remove scale by following the steps below:

1. Drain the water from the cooling system and then disconnect the pipe from the place where the diesel engine is connected.

2. Prepare a 4% rust removing acid solution and water. Pour the acid into the water and do not reverse it.

3. Wait a few minutes for mixing and then heat the solution to 49°C (120°F). This is the highest point and cannot be higher.

4. Slowly pour the solution through the filter cap or a branch into the pipe where it will bubble up. When the chemical reaction has stopped, fill the radiator with the hot solution.

5. Allow the solution to stay in the system for a few minutes, then return the solution from the bottom pipe or drain to the original container.

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6. Check the inside of the tank, if there is still scale, then repeat the above steps to increase the acid solution to 8%.

7. After descaling, perform the following steps to neutralize the reaction of the acid: Fill the container with water, heat it up to the boiling point, add daily soda crystals according to the following ratio: 500g soda with 20 liters of water (1 pound with 4 gallons of water). Use this solution to fill the radiator and allow it to flow back into the original container.

8. Rinse the heatsink several times with the above method and let it rest in the radiator for at least one hour after filling. Rinse with hot water after emptying.

9. Before reinstalling the radiator, use two times normal working pressure to test for leaks. Leakage may sometimes occur due to scale removal.

10. Before re-operation, the coolant must add the necessary anti-corrosion agent and the right amount of condensing agent.